• The player plays the lucky number in the fever
    After losing money to the token related to chatgpt, Phan Hai still decided to try luck again with the amount of money to eat according to who appeared. Phan Hai, 29 years old in Dong Nai, said at the end of February, the chatgpt fever spread to the field of cryptocurrencies and a series of projects called Bingchatgpt. He was invited to invest a few hundred dollars by his friends with the expectation of removing losses after the collapse of the money last year. However, these tokens now have no liquidity, as if they are lost. When the chatgpt token fever is over, a wave of money will come again. “All the groups I participate in are gossiping about the money projects attached to whom. I and my friends continue to bet on this trend even though it is quite lucky,” Hai said.
  • The second largest stablecoin in the world
    USDC, the second largest price stable in the pre -digital ecosystem, losing a USD milestone, causing the market to wobble. At noon on March 11, the price of USDC suddenly dropped to $ 0.89 according to CoinMarketcap statistics, down 11% compared to a USD milestone should always be maintained. This is also the biggest reduction of this amount since its launch in 2018. USDC is the fifth largest capitalization of the market, with nearly 41 billion USDC released. Considering Stablecoin alone, the second largest USDC, only after USDT (Tether USD). The price of USDC is equal to the price of the USD thanks to the reserve amounts of the Circle Internet Financial issuing company. The company once stated that there were 43 billion USD reserves. However, on March 10, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a bank specializing in borrowed startups, was closed by California officials on March 10. This is considered the largest bank collapse in the US since the financial crisis more than a decade ago. Circle Company is said to not promptly handle the withdrawal transaction from SVB, causing $ 3.3 billion of the reserve to be trapped, leading to the loss of a USDCC.
  • Losing two million dollars of the money because of panic
    Hurry to cut the loss after USDC lost the pin, a player swapped two million USD, but only earned $ 0.05. On March 11, many people convert USDC to other coppers after Stablecoin lost one USD, the result from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10. However, instead of a partial loss, one person almost lost all the property because of the hurry during the swap. According to the data recorded on Blockchain and collected by Twitter Bowtiedpickle account, this player swapped more than 2.08 million USD 3CRV, but only earned $ 0.05.